Winding Up

The five months we have been away from the stress of land, I have enjoyed and learned from every moment. Our trip is winding down. Our life will be busy once again, but I will take the names of every tool, all the sailor’s lingo, the islands I’ve explored, and everyone I met along the way with me in my life.  

When I return home I don’t know if I will have a graduation. I don’t know if I will be going to a college campus or studying online.  I don’t know, but I do know whatever happens, I will make it memorable.  The world is big and I  still have a lot of it to explore. Like my dad says, “There is always a way.”

All of that can wait on a back burner. Right now, SeaQuil will be on a non-stop passage to Key West, Florida. I will be helping drive her until she is in port safely. My sense of adventure has been renewed while my sense of responsibility has increased.  It is my responsibility to get SeaQuil and my family back.  

I know the world has gone a bit crazy, but I am ready for it!

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