Shelter Bay Marina

Shelter Bay Marina is a very nice and comfortable place.  We have been here for over two weeks getting the boat repaired.  Each day is pretty much the same with a few exceptions.  We have met many people and heard many different sailing stories.  The marina has everything you need and more; laundry, showers, a little store, one restaurant, a pool, a small hotel, and things to do.  There are some hiking trails you can walk through to see animals and old buildings left by the Americans.

The intrepid crew who got us through the canal with a bend drive shaft

The first week we stayed on SeaQuil waiting to be pulled out, while waiting we took out the generator.  We met some nice people and enjoyed the place.  On one of the Sundays there was a pot luck that we went to.  The food some people made was amazing, absolutely delicious.  The next morning we went on a hike with a group of people lead by Vicky.  We saw birds, bats, leaf cutter ants, butterflies, and old buildings left by the Americans.  Mom, Bryan, and I went back on the hiking trail another day seeing monkeys and some anteater like animal.  On 2/28/20 the boat was pulled out.  Mom and Bryan got off the boat while Linzi and I stayed to help Dad.  We got into the haul-out area, threw the ropes, and climbed over the bow of the boat onto land.  Pictures were taken as the boat got lifted and moved.  Everyone except Dad left for Hotel Melia. 

We stayed at Hotel Melia for three nights.  The building was built when the Americans still owned Panama and was right next to Gatun Lake.  There was a very big swimming pool that Bryan and I played in.  During breakfast we would eat a ton of food because we skipped lunch and had little for dinner.  Even though the place was nice we were ready to go.  The second week we stayed at the marina’s hotel.  It was so much easier to be in the marina and near the boat.  Work on the boat was being done but only to a certain extent due to waiting for parts.

Linzi, Dad, and I were waxing the boat when Dad introduced us to new people.  They were right behind us on the hard fixing up a catamaran called Catching Up.  That night we talked with them for a long time.  A man called Andre taught Linzi how to tie a bowline the left handed way.  I also learned how along with another way to do a bowline and a figure eight.  On the hard Mom met a girl named Holly her boat was going back into the water.  I was introduced to her and asked if I wanted to help dock her boat.  I said yes another girl called Dantel also volunteered her help.  The boat was lowered.  Holly and I got on as Dantel went to the dock.  The boat was only twenty seven feet which is much smaller than I’m used to.  It was interesting to see the difference in big boats and small boats.  The boat was docked, Holly invited Dantel and me inside.  She offered us something to drink and we talked in her cockpit for an hour or two.  Starting in Maine Holly set off on her around the world dream sailing by herself.

On 2/4/20 Dad, Linzi, and I worked on the propeller shaft, we worked most of the day.  We had to lift the engine to put the propeller shaft back.  It took a few tries to get everything to fit and lined up just right.  We then lowered the engine and next was getting the generator back in.  Everything was prepared and the generator was lifted.  Linzi was in charge of lifting and lowering the generator while Dad made sure it was in the right spot, and I made sure nothing was in the way.  As it was being lowered I slowly pushed the generator away from the wires and my hand.  Next thing I knew the generator was on my hand.  It took me a quick second to realize followed by a short scream and me saying “its on my hand!”  I pulled out my hand just seeing scrapes and blood then saying “it’s ok.” Dad and Linzi were very concerned as I walked past them to rinse off the blood.  I looked at my hand and I saw a swell the size of a goose egg.  I stood and said “I’m not ok.”  Dad looked and said we were going to the emergency room.  We got out of the boat, by the way the stairs weren’t in place due to the generator being put in.

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