On December 16, 2019 SeaQuil will check out of Costa Rica and attempt to arrive in Isla del Cocos. The plan is to arrive in Salines, Ecuador just before Christmas. It should be a 3 day passage to Isla del Cocos, and then an additional 5 1/2 days to Silanes, Ecuador.

The Maddox crew shows up

  • November 25, 2019

Linzi, MeiLing and Tian are all pulled out of school and head to Costa Rica. The first order of work will be replacing all the broken electronics and generator. Then we will move south in Costa Rica. Ecuador is up next, then on to Panama.

The Marina at Papagayo, Costa Rica
  • October 31, 2019

SeaQuil departs for Isla del Cocos. Crew list: Gary Wharton, Ian Stockholm and Carson Selle. SeaQuil ends up in Zihuatanejo due to a number of system failures. We also pull into Acapulco, which looks like a bombed, dilapidated city. What a shame!

SeaQuil in Zihuatanejo Bay
  • July, September 2019

Entire crew visits SeaQuil to sail and enjoy Puerto Vallarta. Josh Blee flies down for 8 days in September to prepare SeaQuil for her sail to Costa Rica. SeaQuil is almost ready for her 2,000 mile trip to Isla del Coco’s and Costa Rica.

  • June 11, 2019

Mark Tiggy and Vern Pahl come to San Diego. SeaQuil sets sail for Ensenada, Mexico. One day stops in Cabo San Lucas had great sailing for 6 nights of sailing. However during a a 4 hour stop at Isla Isabella SeaQuil hit a coral head putting a big dent it the keel. Pulled into Puerto Vallarta on June 21, 2019 Very Hot! 1,106nm

  • April 6, 2019

Mark Tiggy joins again to sail to Catalina Island and on to San Diego. A one day, very expensive stop in Avelon, we leave SeaQuil at anchor in San Diego harbor. 163nm

  • April 1, 2019
  • October 6, 2018

Leave Morro Bay for San Migual Island in the Channel Islands. High surf, flips the dingy on the beach and destroying the dingy and the engine and completely freaking out the entire crew. Crew is: MeiLing, Linzi, Tian, Pam and Val Seely. San Migual’s only inhabitants are elephant seals birds. We are stuck on shore for nearly 8 hours. Following day sail to Santa Barbra and spend three days with Penny Arntz and her family (which is also our family). Total miles sailed 143nm

Depart Skyline Marina at noon headed for Morro Bay, California. Stop in Victoria, Canada for the night. Crew aboard is: Mark Tiggy, Steve Larson and Vivian Callahan. Stong winds and big seas make for very rapid sailing, hitting 18 kts and covering more than 200 per day for the first three days. Boat is working very well. Sailing trip ends with lots of whale and dolphin sightings and calm seas. We pull into Morro Bay early morning October 13th covering 1216 nm.

  • August 2018

SeaQuil is launched and sails 500 NM with crew through San Juan Islands. This is the shake down of a new boat. She still needs lots of work and is put into port for September.

  • June 15, 2015

MeiLing, Linzi & Bryan leave school to sail from Eureka, CA to Anacortes. Sail under storm jib for two days. Engine quits and will not restart. pull into Bookings Harbor for a rest. Au6/18 Auto pilot fails stop and fix in Newport, OR Continue on against wind and current, slow going. 885 miles in one week.

  • May 20, 2015

LeauLife leaves San Fransisco bound for Anacortes, WA. She runs into 40 knot head winds and is forced to stop the trip in Eureka California. Steve Halliwell, Dave Condron and Jim Richardson depart and state that they are done. 225 miles sailed.