The Project

The idea

Regret, the greatest negative driving force in our lives. In a short amount of time there will be college, careers, new relationships, new home so the time is now. Regret is not now.

The people

The Challenge and the purpose

You put people into a small space without the ability to leave and you have long distance sailing. The discomfort creates two options: implosion or deep connection both will create vivid memories.

The vessel

Our ship that will take us there.

In 1984 Big Bear took off from the East Coast of the US. In 2021 it will return to whence it came. The evolution of this Tayana 55 hull number 10 is one of resurrection, perseverance and community. This is SeaQuil

The world: an amazing array of people whom we can not wait to meet.

It has always seemed ironic that we need to travel to far away places to find the meaning of life. The ease and bounty of life in Anacortes is, at times ‘soul sucking’. Nothing makes one more vulnerable than being on a boat, but it also is so intimate that we get the opportunity to really know others.The encounters we have will be laid out here. Written in different perspectives of the same experience.

Leave the world a little better

In 2011 Linzi and MeiLing raised more than $18,000 for a new kitchen, clothes and washing machines for the ladies in LuoHe, Henan. This time… who knows

Next Steps…

The Paradox, sailing is the loneliest and most connected way to travel in the world. “We make new friends, everywhere we go”. Come on along, sign up and we’ll keep you posted.