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  • Going back to what…?

    Going back to what…?

    The five month sailing trip is coming to a close …
  • Island to Island

    Island to Island

    We left Shelter Bay Marina heading to Bocas Del Toro.  …
  • Shelter Bay Marina

    Shelter Bay Marina

    Shelter Bay Marina is a very nice and comfortable place.  …
  • Third Time Through

    Third Time Through

    1/22/20:  Dad woke me up, it was still dark outside …
  • A long 48 hours

    A long 48 hours

    In Ecuador a lot of things happened but these forty-eight …
  • Different from before

    Different from before

    Costa Rica to dinosaurs to Ecuador The memories of sailing …
  • Costa Rica

    Costa Rica

    Costa Rica is stunning, the water is clear and cool, …
  • Getting ready

    Getting ready

    I never really realize how much stuff I have accumulated …

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