Going back to what…?

The five month sailing trip is coming to a close and soon we will be back on land.  Like Dad said, the trip went by in a flash.  I will cherish my new experiences and memories, both good and bad.  We have all improved on this trip some in swimming, some in hobbies, but most importantly in being crew.  Linzi now drives the boat, does night watches with me, cleans dishes, and many other thing.  Bryan makes sure Mom and Dad have their beers, which is a very important job.  He also helps in cooking and catching rain water.  I clean, help around the galley, pump out the water from the dinghy, assist Dad around the boat, and have become better at crewing with each new thing I learned.

Our next and last stop on this journey will be America.  We will be heading to Florida, I believe.  With the Corona Virus making the world go crazy we don’t know what we’re sailing into, but we are ready for the lack of toilet paper.


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