Costa Rica

Costa Rica is stunning, the water is clear and cool, the scenery beautiful. It is hot here and taking a dip in the water is a lovely way to cool down. Dad wanted to record Linzi, Bryan, and me on video talking about what we think of Costa Rica. I tried to talk about how I notice that people here say they only need a job and family to be happy while in America we need money, family, wi-fi, a phone, etc. Dad put what I was trying to say in a great way, which was the simple things are the only things they need to be happy. Sure it would be nice to have lots of things but they are fine the way they are.

People here are very nice, many try to speak English and if you stumble on Spanish they are forgiving. I do try to speak in Spanish but I usually only speak it when ordering food, saying hi or bye, and when Dad tells me to say something, for example, a video of me saying I love coconut milk in Spanish. I do pick up words or phrases of what people are saying but its mainly geussing at what they’re talking about. I understand best when my parents are talking in Spanish probably because they use small words, words I know, and they talk slow.

The sunsets here are very pretty and light up the whole sky in pinks, oranges, and a light yellow. The colors are very soft compared to the ones at home which are bright red, orange, pink, purple, and gold. Unlike the ones at home they do not wash away the blue sky. Most of the time you can see the big round moon and the sun at the same time during the sunrise and sunset.

Sunset over Bahia Huevos, CR

The first few days we stayed at the Monteverde Inn. It was a beautiful place high in the mountains. The food was very delicious especially the pizza, which was cooked in the red brick oven. We went hiking in the Cloud Forest and crossed the Sky bridge, it wasn’t as big as I thought it would be. The bridge was made out of metal and had a rusty and gray color to it. The bottom was made out of metal beams covered by a somewhat thin sheet of metal with a fishnet design. It was a pretty bouncy bridge and you could see the parts that needed fixing. There was a sign that said only ten people at once so we had to wait for people to get off. Dad went on immediately while Mom, Bryan and Linzi went on hesitantly. I pushed past them, the bridge bounced when I walked or jumped, I found it fun. Mom and Bryan didn’t like it telling me to stop while holding onto the the wobbly railings.

My favorite spot in the hike was called something la Ventana. You could see the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean even the Caribbean islands. On the other side you could see this valley that was covered in clouds and as the wind started too blow the clouds rose over the mountains. It looked like they where running over the bushes and tress right next to me. It took only five minutes for all the clouds to disappear showing a clear open valley.

This is getting a bit long so I’m going to summarize things. We are getting ready to leave Costa Rica, lots of shopping. Places we went to here is the Monteverde inn, Marina Papagayo, Playa de Coco, and Bahia Huevos. All very nice places. Bahia Huevos is where we swam off the boat. Marina Papagayo is where we’re getting the boat ready. I have met very nice and wonderful people. One of then was a man named Bob who Dad introduced.

Bob plays many musical instruments such as the fiddle, drum, mandolin, and I think the harmonica. Linzi, Bob, and I tried to play together. Linzi on the drum, Bob on the mandolin, and me on the fiddle. It was lots of fun and good learning too. Bob plays by ear while I read the music sheets but since I didn’t bring any music stuff on the trip I had to do it by ear, Bob helped me along. At first I was very against the idea of playing with someone, I don’t even let my family listen to me play if I can help it. So I got Linzi to join us which made me feel better because I know it would be a wasted opportunity if I said no.

The water maker ended up breaking so we went to Playa de Coco to get the part we needed. Mom hit the fuel transfer button by accident so we had no fuel for the generator/water maker and went to Marina Papagayo to get fuel and also to do last minute getting ready. We lost the anchor chain for the dingy and it’s repair kit to the ocean. The solar panels stopped working. Dad fixed one of the dingy motors with help, the solar panels started working again. The water maker is fixed and so was Mom’s and Dad’s bedroom door.

So many things have happened and when I look back I realized man lots of stuff happened these past two weeks. The writing you see here is just the bits and pieces I am thinking of right now. I’ll tell you one thing, never take a shower for granted, showers are great, wonderful, especially when they’re long. Bryan is growing and it’s too early to tell if he is coming closer to the family but I think he is. I’m very proud of him, he is no longer sea sick all the time, he can swim, and is helping a bit more.


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