On SeaQuil

Tian in Bahia huevos
The crew of Red Thread 2010

The new crew for SeaQuil 2018

MeiMei in Bahia huevos
Looking through the hatch

We were Red Thread

In 2006, we set sail for 5 years aboard Red Thread. She took us over 44,000 nautical miles and 43 different countries. The greatest destination was Henan, China where we met the boy who would become Little Brother. Red Thread was sold, but after years of living in Anacortes, WA, Bryan’s health is better. Thanks to the amazing doctors at University of Washington Medical center, Bryan now sees and has depth perception. Our life in Anacortes is pretty great, but it’s time to take him out on the open ocean where he can see a bigger world with his parents and sisters on SeaQuil. In these pages you will hear his story.

This is the sequel.

In June of 2020, Linzi will graduate and go onto college. This is our last opportunity to go to sea as our original family. This time it is for only six months, but the destinations and the purpose are the same. Connect with ourselves, others and be in awe of the world we live in. And, we’ll be doing it with one more.

The permanent crew for SeaQuil

The girls have more than 46,000 nautical miles of sailing. They have been into 43 different countries. By May 2020 they will be able to add 6 new countries and more than 5,500 additional nm sailed.

MeiLing (MeiMei)

Class of 2023

MeiMei stepped aboard Red Thread when she was 1 year old. She then spent weeks working on SeaQuil to prep her for our trip.

Bryan Tian

Class of 2027

Tian’s first sailboat ride was from Eureka, CA to Anacortes on Leau Life. He got sick the whole way.


Class of 2020

At 8 years old Linzi navigated Red Thread into Tokyo Harbor, by herself. At 18 she will be at the helm… a lot.

SeaQuil in Anacortes…